E-tender service

A Simple Guide To The E Tenders Web Portal.

This guide is intended to supply you with information on how to use the E Tenders Web Portal. The E Tenders Web Portal was developed by the European Commission and was launched in September 2007. This portal enables suppliers and contracting authorities operating in the EU public procurement markets to submit tenders electronically, download tender documentation and follow tender procedures online. the E Tenders Web Portal is a valuable resource for suppliers and contracting authorities. Both parties will be able to save time by using this portal. Suppliers will also benefit from having access to tender documentation online, which can help them prepare their bids faster. If you would like more information on how to use the E Tenders Web Portal, please contact us today.

What is the Process of eTender

The Process of eTender is a web-based application designed to provide the user with an effective solution to make requests and place orders to government agencies, as well as track and manage all related documentation related to the order placed. This service allows the capability for assigned users that have requisitions to purchase or request for any procurement of goods, or services directly from the supplier/contractor through a secured environment provided by our e-procurement software.

The process of e-tender is a simple online tendering and procurement system that allows a company to procure goods and services from reliable suppliers bidding for the lowest price. The e-tender process eliminates the need for hard copies, faxes, emails, and phone calls – all these factors alone can save organization hours and hours of valuable time. The e-tender process enables bidders to submit their bids on specific products and/or services without being intimidated by the process of submitting an offer in writing. The supplier enters their bid, which is instantly received by the buyer. The buyer can then accept or reject this bid as they see fit. The entire process of receiving bids through an e-tender system is automated which reduces errors, increases efficiency, and improves communication between buyers and suppliers of goods and services. This type of online bidding system has global acceptance and has been widely used in various countries around the world since its inception in 2001.

Benefits of e-tender?

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What is the process of applying for e tenders

The process of online tendering is simple and fast. Here is the step-by-step procedure of the e tendering process.

  • Pre-registration

    The first step in applying for e Tenders is to apply for a pre-registration. Government e Tenders in India require a class 3 digital signature. You have to approach a digital signature provider to complete the process of a digital signature application.

    Once you get the digital signature, you can proceed with the enrolment process for the eTenders. You can either choose to register directly on the procurement website of the Government or work with a service provider. Fill up the enrolment form on the website to get a username and password. It is advisable to register with an e-tender portal as you can get regular updates about live tenders that match your capabilities.

  • Viewing the Tender Advertisements

    You have to log in to your account using the username and password, regularly to view any tenders published recently. You can also opt to receive notifications from your service provider, whenever new government tenders are published.

  • Submitting the Tender

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