Clear ideas about freelancing, outsourcing, online careers

First of all, before you know about Freelancing Career Guidelines or ways to build a freelancing career, you need to have a clear idea about the issues of freelancing, outsourcing, online career. Then you have to select whether you are interested in freelancing or outsourcing. First of all, you should not run in the so-called trend where everyone stumbles and runs. Understand one thing and then move on, so your chances of success are much higher than others.

Bangladesh is in a fairly good position in the freelancing sector. Millions of dollars are being spent working with skilled professionals. It is estimated that there are over 5 lakh freelancers in Bangladesh.

Freelancing Career Guidelines

If you work without proper planning, you will not be able to succeed in a freelancing career even if you spend 8-10 hours or more. But yes, there is a lot to learn, as well as a very important thing for the present time, and that is smart work. At present, there is no substitute for working fast and smartly. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

How to start or plan a freelancing career?

There are many things you need to know to build a freelancing career. You have to do a lot of research, try to know and understand. The first part of that research is to get a better understanding of the freelancing marketplaces. What kind of work is done, which works are more popular, what is the market demand of any work. Make a list of which jobs are best for you and which ones you like best.

In the last few years, in the context of Bangladesh, some works in the freelancing marketplaces have been at the top of popularity.

Exclude some jobs from that list, such as researching which job demand may increase in the freelancing marketplaces 5 years from now. How to do research can be easily found by Google, or you will understand yourself by reading these things, inshallah.

Select any one of your favorite topics from that list to work.


Trending Freelancing Career Listing Some Freelancing Jobs

  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Article writing

  3. Web design

  4. Web development

  5. Graphics design

  6. Android Apps Development

  7. Virtual assistant

  8. Data Science and Analytics

  9. Blogging

  10. Affiliate Marketing

Freelancing career: To work, you must learn to work

Before learning to work, you must go through a subject, otherwise, you will not be able to learn anything well, that is why you will spend time behind learning work, not anything else. You have to wait for the income to work well. It will take about 8-12 months to learn this type of work, it can be more or less.  Although it depends on your creativity, your quality, your interest in learning the job, your capacity, above all the work you are doing. Of course, you can do a premium quality (good quality) course, then it will be easier to understand and be able to work at a consistent level.

Freelancing career: Caution/caution in learning the job

Things that are doing quite well these days, some fraudsters are using the name of the sector to start cheating. At the present time, training center fraud in the name of freelancing or outsourcing is quite common.

It is seen that most of the training centers or trainers now copy the courses of Google-YouTube or good mentors. Whatever you think, think about it, the person who succeeds in that task can give you guidelines for success, and it will be easy and understandable for you. But how can a person who does not know or does not help himself become proficient in education?

Freelancing career: Learning to work has started and now it has to be done

Freelancing is not easy, and the income of a successful freelancer is not low. Because he knows the story behind it and the hard work that has been accomplished. Because there is a lot of struggle behind the success stories. Learning to work day and night, watching tutorials, practicing work. Being aware of new things every day, being patient for months on end. There is no time to be away from the hangout of friends, to visit the house of relatives. These are the stories behind a successful freelancer.

Once you have learned the job, you can find some marketplaces.

Before setting up an account in Marketplace, try to get a good idea about it, consult an experienced person, try to know the Terms and Conditions of Marketplace, Rules Gula well.

Improve communication skills

Assuming you are a new freelancer, try to keep in touch with your familiar or unfamiliar old freelancers for this, those who are experienced may not have much time to give you and then try again and again if you need to, don’t ask anyone annoying questions, ask good or bad. You can, and send the things you need to know neatly, hopefully, professional and mentally good people will reply to you in time, try to communicate with a few more people if you do not get one, forget your arrogance, If necessary you will try. It would be great if you could make contact with a successful freelancer in your area.

Be patient

It is important to note that newcomers need to be more patient in getting a job from any marketplace. Just as a tortoise does not release easily when it catches something, so do you. Make persistence in your mind, it will be with you, stick to that belief, keep yourself updated constantly.

Freelancing Career: For those who are free

  1. People who have the mentality of learning to work with patience and can work with patience.

  2. Those who have the ability to communicate or try to achieve.

  3. Those who do not bother to earn money by shortcuts, vow to earn income by working hard.

  4. Those who have a tendency to learn.

  5. He wants to make a living in an honest way and not in a dishonest way

  6. You have to have a lot more good features like this.

Freelancing career: For those who do not come this way is better

  • Evaluating money more than work.

  • Finding a way to earn thousands of dollars in an easy and short time.

  • Thinking of a job or other profession, as well as a side income, is a little difficult for them and less likely to succeed.

  • Those who have become interested in this freelancing after seeing the so-called training center’s enticing advertisement ‘Earn Thousands of Dollars at Home’, will feel frustrated after a while and a negative impression will be formed.

  • It’s best not to leave your current job in an easy way.

  • Don’t step on this path without being well-informed by being inspired by watching someone else’s show-off. Because there is frustration as there is a possibility.

Some Misconceptions About Freelancing

  • Freelancing or outsourcing is the same thing.

  • If you do the course for 2 months, you will earn thousands of rupees from the next month.

  • As soon as I go to the training center, I will learn everything and start earning income

  • Facebook Fake Like, CAPTCHA entry, PTC (sense, Click sense), BET365 These are freelancing

  • It’s very easy to do, working 3-4 hours daily at the end of the month thousands of dollars.

  • Freelancing means SEO, web design.

  • This sector is for students of IT background, not for boys and girls of non-IT or business or another engineering.

  • If you want to do freelancing, you have to work in the IT-related field.


    If possible stay away from the training center, try to know and learn for yourself, there are many resources available online. And if very necessary, consult a verified and experienced. Learn from a training center so that both time and money are not wasted.

    Stay away from those who show greed to earn a lot of money in a short time. If you can, work with an experienced team, or work in a team.

    Before you ask anyone, try to find a solution on the internet by yourself. If you can do this, you can go a long way on your own.

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