E-GP Paid Course

What is E-GP Course in BD

  • Annual Procurement  Plan (APP)
  • Tender / Procurement Document (TD/PD)
  • Tender notice (Invitation for Tender -IFT) /REOI ( Request for Express of Interest )
  • Corrigendum
  • Tender Receive 
  • Tender Opening
  • Tender Evaluation and Approval of TECR recommendation
  • Notification of Award
  • Contract Management System (CMS)
  • Tender Security (TS) /Performance Security (PS)

What will be shown in “EGP Course” to enhance the efficiency of tender submission in EGP

  1. http://eprocure.gov.bd/ How to use the site.
  1. The way it is registered in EGP.
  1. How to use the site after login.  This means finding the required tender and keeping it on the watch list, what was the estimate in the annual purchase plan, or which tender papers of your choice will be published in the future from any ministry, etc.
  1. Find the tender ID that you got from the tender notice, open the dashboard, buy the tender document or look at the tender document before then buy the tender document if it is suitable for bidding etc.
  1. How to hold a pre-tender meeting and how to buy tender documents or give security money or performance guarantee.
  2. JVCA – Joint Venture Consortium Association or how to subcontract etc.

          7 .  Tender preparation, form fill, mapping etc.

           8. What information can be seen after opening the tender.

            9.OTM, LTM, Evaluation, NOA, Contract Signing, Complaint Management etc.

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