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Thanks for stopping by, I am Md.Rakibul Islam. I am a marketing professional and YouTube content creator in Bangladesh. I am someone who can get your business Marketing  Guideline,  e-GP, Company Registration, Google Business Account, Air Ticket, and Visa Processing, If you have a physical illness, However, I will assist you with the processing of Bangladeshi e-passport application, India visa processing, and India doctor’s appointment

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“Do things that benefit people If you can’t do that, pray to God from the bottom of your heart. However, your success is guaranteed. After all, if you are the cause of someone’s fear, then your destruction is inevitable” Md.Rakibul Islam

What Is Sales and Marketing?

What Is Sales?
Sales are the process of convincing a consumer to purchase goods or services. At a business, the sales process typically involves salespeople contacting leads who fit the customer profile of their target market (often it’s the marketing department that first identifies these leads). The salesperson then tries to persuade the leaders to make a purchase by pointing out a problem that the salesperson’s product or service will solve.
To accomplish this task, sales teams create and follow a sales strategy. The goal of a sales strategy is to lay out explicit guidelines and objectives for the sales organization to follow in order to maximize sales and ensure its sales force is on the same page. An effective sales strategy involves prospecting, qualifying leads, and creating meaningful messaging that shows prospective customers the value of a product or service.
What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the process of making potential customers interested in a business’s products or services. More broadly, the goal of marketing is to influence consumer decisions by communicating the value of a product or service. Marketers conduct market research in order to identify a target market and understand its needs. Based on that research, marketing teams generate a marketing strategy that formulates the four Ps of marketing: product, pricing, promotion, and place.

Sales vs Marketing: 5 Key Differences
A company’s sales and marketing efforts both share common goals: effective lead generation, converting leads to new customers, and maximizing revenue. While sales and marketing departments must work together to successfully achieve their goals, they do differ in key ways.

1. Objectives: Sales is the process of actually convincing a potential customer to make a purchase, while marketing centers around generating interest in your business’s products or services.
2. Methods: Sales plans typically use personal interactions such as cold calling, face-to-face meetings, trade show networking, and retail interaction. Marketing plans typically take a more impersonal approach, using methods like print and TV advertising, digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and social media marketing.
3. Scope: Sales goals tend to focus on hitting short-term quotas, while marketing goals typically focus on long-term, big-picture achievements.
4. Responsibilities: It’s the job of a sales department to take a product or service that their company already created and sell it. On the other hand, marketing departments may be involved in the creation of the product or service itself, using market research to suggest features that their target customer will value.
5. Tools: Sales departments use CRM software (customer relationship management) to manage the sales cycle, organize communication with leads, and prioritize tasks. Marketing departments primarily use marketing automation software to track marketing-qualified leads and manage their digital and email marketing campaigns.
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E-GP Service

We Provide Desiccated E-GP Service in Bd. Our E-GP paid course is also popular in bd.

e gp

Business Segment

We Provide Desiccated E-GP Service in Bd. Our E-GP paid course is also popular in bd.

Digital Marketing

We Provide Desiccated E-GP Service in Bd. Our E-GP paid course is also popular in bd.


E-gp Paid Course

We Provide Desiccated E-GP Service in Bd. Our E-GP paid course is also popular in bd.

e passport

E-Passport Service

5 Steps to your e-Passport Last updated: 21 September 2021 You can apply for the new e-Passport in 5 easy steps. Step 1: Check if the new e-Passport is already available in your area List of functional e-Passport Offices Step 2: Fill in your e-Passport application online For Online Application Click Here Step 3: Pay passport fees For Passport Fees and Bank List Click Here Step 4: Visit your Passport Office for biometric enrolment Make sure you have all the required documents with you when you visit the passport office. Step 5: Collect your e-Passport at the passport office Delivery slip you received during passport enrolment Authorized representatives(has to bring their NID cards) can collect the applicant's new passport.

Freelancing Consultancy

What you'll learn 🚀 2022 Beginner to advanced YouTube SEO guide to SKYROCKET views & subscribers starting today. 📚 5 student-exclusive, downloadable templates. 🔎 #1 FREE YouTube keyword research tool to easily find high-demand, easy-to-rank keywords. 🔗 SECRET YouTube link hack to INSTANTLY gain more subscribers! 📄 PROVEN YouTube title & description formulas to rank #1 on YouTube. 📺 Simple video tweak to keep your audience from breaking up with you. 👨‍💻 Hack your images like a pro for even more SEO juice! 📈 5 FREE & easy ways to drive even more YouTube traffic with YouTube marketing. 🎥 4 little-known sites for 100% free music & stock video. 💰 YouTube Monetization - top 4 ways to monetize your YouTube channel. 🎨 Create a free, STUNNING YouTube banner with ZERO graphic design experience!

google my business

Google My Business

Stand out on Google with a free Business Profile Turn people who find you on Google Search and Maps into new customers with a free Business Profile for your storefront or service area. Personalize your profile with photos, offers, posts, and more.

medical consultancy services

Medical Visa Processing

Q.1. Is there any special arrangement for applicants requiring medical visas? Ans: A dedicated Medical Help Desk at IVAC Gulshan accepts only emergency medical visa applications even before their scheduled appointment date. Q.2.How many medical attendants are allowed with a patient? Ans: Up to three medical attendants can be issued visas with a patient. Q.3. Is medical treatment allowed on Tourist visas? Ans: Under normal circumstances, medical treatment on Tourist Visa is not permissible and may result in refusal of the visa subsequently. However, in case of any emergency, Tourist visas should be converted into Medical visas for medical treatment. Q.4. I traveled to India on Tourist Visa and had to undergo medical treatment in urgency. Now, I want to apply for a medical visa. What should I do? Ans: While submitting your application for a medical visa, please submit all the documents, including your previous treatment in India. Q.5. What are the documents required for the medical visa in addition to the general documents? Ans: (i) Medical certificate, in original, from recognized hospitals/ doctors indicating in detail the medical condition of the patient; (ii) Recommendation from the attending doctor for availing treatment abroad in case of the first visit; (iii) recommendation from the attending doctor in India in case of continued treatment in India; (iv) In case of hospitalization or long term treatment, proof of financial resources. Q.6. My patient is already in India. I want to apply for a medical attendant visa. Ans: Medical Attendant visas are issued along with patients only. Q.7. Is it necessary that Medical Attendants should be the blood relatives of the patient? Ans: No, there is no such requirement.

medical appointment

Indian Doctor Appointment Online

We arrange doctor's appointments for them from different countries like CMC Vellore, Apollo, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Apollo in about 26 branches Besides, there is an air ticket money exchange and hotel facility

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